From the very start Trains for Europe needed to be a nimble and flexible campaign, and that meant partnering with an organisation to give Trains for Europe a legal structure, and to be able to do book-keeping and allow online donations to be accepted (we’re now working on the tech to allow that to happen – it’ll be ready soon!)

Over the summer we held conversations with MitOst e.V. to become that support organisation – a Träger in German – and today the agreement was signed between Jon Worth, the founder of Trains for Europe, and MitOst. From now on we are Trains for Europe – a MitOst e.V. campaign.

We’re super happy with this outcome and grateful for the practical support from Annegret Wulff and Linnéa Mühlenkamp at MitOst. Thanks also to Bernd Hüttemann who started the conversations between Trains for Europe and MitOst!

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